Why sex may hurt

Did you know that 30% of women in the UK reported pain during their last sexual activity? That’s considerably a lot when you think of it. There’s plenty of reasons why this may happen and therefore the team at Passion Elite have put together a guide for the most common reasons for pain so that you can enjoy sex with your partner.

1. Slow The Pace Down
It’s a fact that its harder for women to be aroused than it is for a man. Scientific studies have shown over time that foreplay helps increase the pleasure of sex. This helps the blood flow to the genitals, which increases lubrication. You can try things like watching porn together, play sexual games or even dress up naughty for the occasion. Check out our online shop and see our range of products that would help.

2. Lube The Parts
Sometimes couples are eager to get started but lack of lube can make the penetration painful. Did you know that a woman’s area takes between 5 to 7 mins to lubricate even when the brain is already in sexual activity? Some couples think its fun to have sex in a shower or bath but this again can dry skin around your private parts which causes pain. Nowadays you can pick up lube in different flavours which makes it fun for couples to use. Have a look at our range of Lubes.

3. Release The Stress
Yes, stress is a huge factor when it comes to an unproductive sexual relationship. With work and social activities, it’s sometimes hard to leave them at the door before getting into bed. Did you know that massage reduces the stress hormone cortisol by 50%? You can even use massage oils which smell good but also feel good. Our online shop has a range of massage oils to help stress and your sexual activity.

4. Too Large or Too Tight
It may sound silly, but many couples are not fit for purpose when it comes to their private parts. Mostly being men being too large for their female partners. Again lube can help in most cases but also try different positions as the angle may help with a more smooth activity. Check out our DVD and book collections on different sex positions.

5. Genital Infections
Did you know that 1 in 4 of women are affected by this and 1 in 5 of men are too? Majority of them being genital herpes, trichomoniasis, and yeast infections. Some men and women may not realise they have it, so it’s important to have regular checks depending on your sexual activity but also to use protection depending on how often to have sex with different people. At Passion Elite we promote safe sex and keep a massive range of products to help. Click here to see our range.